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Paradigm Solutions

Precision to increase Profitability

Paradigm Solutions was established as a division of Hartmann’s Inc to meet a need identified during our experience working with existing dispensing technologies. Our team of engineers and technicians believed there was a better, and much simpler, way to dose a precise volume of liquid. Without the complication and expense of programmable servo motors, the innovative design of the new PD Dispensers meets our customers' requirements for precise and accurate volumes. This precision leads to substantial cost savings for our clients by reducing waste caused by overdosing from other existing technologies.


Paradigm engineers accomplished this by combining the best characteristics of several standard dispensing methods into a much smaller, and simpler, device. The PD Dispenser provides the means to gently transfer precise volume independent of time open or fluid supply pressure. This means our customers do not need a programmer or controls expert to operate the dispenser. All that is required is a minimum fluid pressure (fluid dependent) and a 24VDC input signal. We can create a custom dispenser system for your production line -- from a small manually operated bench top test station to a complete turnkey automated system with robotic material handling.


Whatever you need, let Paradigm Solution’s team of experts help you solve your dispensing needs!

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